Programmatically send and receive text messages over local, toll-free, and short code.
Text Functionality

Choose what to send, and when to send it.

Two Way Communication


Surveys & Polls

Notifications & Alerts

Short Codes

Dynamic Messages

Personalize messages using data for an authentic experience.

Text with Speed

Direct access and relationships with the world’s top data carriers.

Secure and Reliable

Secure communication and message delivery using SSL and real-time logs.

Low latency and high deliverability.

A network primed for bulk messages, alerts, two-way communication and more. Text enable any business number or get a local, toll-free, or short code.

Manage the Conversation

Measure the success of campaigns, receive notification updates, and optimize campaigns with the tools built into the API Explorer.

Start building quickly

The PHP sample demonstrates how easy it is to set up and submit a text API request.  message360 requires both an Account SID and an Authorization Token to authenticate an API call.

Direct Mail