Dynamically update & send certified or first class mail.
On-Demand Mail

Whether you’re sending one piece of mail or 10,000, all you need to do is plug in a few lines of code to get set up. Create events to trigger postcards and letters or schedule time-sensitive mail.




Area Mail

Address Verification


First Class Mail

Certified Mail

East & West Coast Distribution Centers

Track all mail from processing to delivery. With multiple mailing houses, each piece of mail will be sent from the closest center to ensure a timely delivery.

Flexible delivery options
  • Standard Mail
  • First Class Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Registered Mail
What does it mean?

Your letters are sent quickly, securely, and accurately.

Start building quickly

The message360 API has pre-built functions already complete and waiting for use in each Channel library. While working on your app, simply find the code snippet you need in the library, copy and paste the function into the application, and you’re ready to go.

Direct Mail